Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Don't sell nazi stuff on Ebay. That's all I know. I put up one of those 50's stereo World War II Hitler records on Ebay and it was yanked in a day. Ebay's vigilant Fuhrer-bots looking for juicy keywords 24/7. I didn't think anything of it. I'm a record collector and I see weird stuff every day. And records of Hitler speeches and Nazi marching anthems aren't racist themselves. They were sold to veterans and stereo buffs and war buffs and the morbidly curious. And, even today, punk rock bands need Hitler speech intros for their rants against the ruling class, don't they? What bummed me out even more was having ancient Led Zep and Pink Floyd boots yanked by those band's management teams. Idiots. Those records were 30 years old! Again, the work of Floyd-bots and Zoso-bots. Whatever. It only stung because they were both up to fifty bucks when they got pulled. I've got kids to feed! What am I supposed to do, sell them in my record store? Nobody will buy them for real money. People in Hong Kong will buy them for money.
Anyway, all I know about Claude Lejeune is what I read in liner-notes. He was called "The Phoenix of Music". Just like me! He was born in Valenciennes. The French helped him lighten his music up. Before he hung with them his stuff was plodding and slow. His music is a dream. Some say he surpassed de Pres. I'll let history be the judge! Oh, wait, is has been the judge. And history has...okay, almost completely forgotten him perhaps. He's not exactly on everyone's lips. Hardcore choir headz know him probably. Scholars. Me. But I don't play him much. When i do i marvel though. The late 1500's was a heady time for deathless sounds.


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