Thursday, December 09, 2004

Saved From The Chopping Block

Top 7 Albums I Will Not Be Taking To The Dump

And when I say the dump, I mean the store at the dump. Which isn't really a store since everything is free. It's called the Dumptique. I rarely find anything good there though. A book occasionally.

1) Ray, Goodman & Brown - Stay (Just a lovely album from the former Moments. Sure it's retro soul (Jersey Soul! Where is THAT SoulJazz comp? I shouldn't say that. They've probably put out 3 by now. Can I just call it Philly Soul anyway? Someone might get mad. They do remind me of my beloved Delfonics.) from 1981, but the songs are great and so are the trio's voices on this one. I obviously hadn't listened to it in years or it never would have made the maybe pile.)

2) Parchment - Shamblejam (From 1975 and on the Word Records English subsidiary Myrrh. What can I say, the Brits make better jesus freaks. A couple of years earlier it would have been on Harvest and would probably cost you a hundred bucks on ebay right about now. Okay, maybe it's not that good, but it's pretty damned good mid-70's holy roller folk rock. Parchment's hippie garb clashes with the wallpaper on the cover in a strangely hypnotic way too.)

3) Eddie Jobson - Theme Of Secrets (I really really don't need this. But I'm keeping it anyway. Part of me feels like I need a definitive synclavier reference disc and this does the trick and then some. Plus, it was produced by Tangerine Dreamer Peter Baumann and he will not be denied. It is soooooooo of it's time (1985) as well. Heck, Private Music records from the 80's should all be put into some sort of time capsule. Or maybe they already are in one. Until you play one. And how often is that?)

4) Grin - Gone Crazy (Me personally, I wish they had gone a little crazier. But this record isn't as bad as I remembered. I am not a Nils Lofgren completist. let's get that out of the way right now.I will play it again someday. I promise. It mostly makes me want to dig out some Free records though. Or heck, some Nazareth. Really any other band that plays this kind of 70's hard rock with occasional pretty acoustic interludes that has an actual singer.)

5) Fargo - I See It Now (This is a record from 1969 on RCA that may or may not get reissued by Get Back or Sundazed in the near future, depending on how long it takes them to scrape their barrels clean. It might take a while. But it's pretty good. Folky, Beatlesesque, ya know, sensitive. Not too psych, which is why it might take longer. "A Castle In Wales" is right purty. I'm a sucker for the RCA studios house sound.They made utter shit sound like gold in the 60's. Not that Fargo is utter shit. Just two boys from Salt Lake City (?) trying to turn the world on with their tears.)

6) McFadden & Whitehead - I Heard It In A Love Song (I've got too much love for the TSOP to toss this one. Even 1980 TSOP. This is no classic or anything. But it's good for a spin. "Love Song Number 690 (Life's No Good Without You)" is a great song and nowhere near as tired as it's studio-weary title may suggest.)

7) Debbie Jacobs - High On Your Love ( This is a really good electrofunkydisco record! I can't remember if I had EVER played it. Great arrangements and production by Paul Sabo. Amazing sci-fi disco breakdowns. This album from 1980 was looking forward to the future in a big way. No Studio 54 love hangover here. Cool sounds. Play it at your next party.)


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Nils has a few albums I really enjoy, primarily his live album. But like you, I prefer him in relatively small doses.

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