Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More For The Stacks

Hit the thrift store today. Spent a grand total of four dollars. (they are good to me there. they always give me a deal.) Got some trucks for lil' Rufus, a Waltons board game, some books (Schlink, Gaitskill, Stein, Banks, DeVries, Lodge), and some vinyl:

Todd Rundgren - A Wizard/A True Star (Never owned a copy before! I don't know how that happened. I must have had the tape at one point. You need the vinyl though for the groovy gatefold and shape of the cover. "The whole package". You know? Maybe you don't. Lotsa people seem happy with their own magic marker scrawl on a cdr. And who am I to judge? Anyway, I'm not a Todd maniac or anything, but I enjoy the old stuff. Including all Nazz. I don't care what John Lennon says. Wasn't that Lennon who heckled Todd in L.A.? Eh, what did he know. Todd can be a nifty substitute for Zappa-haterz. )
Bob James - One ( I buy all CTI vinyl no matter what. Love the covers, love the Creed Taylor magic. Love the 400 people who play on every album. MOST of the 70's stuff has something to offer. Even if it's just one lone phat beat. One's cover is especially nice. You used to be able to send $1.50 to Creed and he would send you a spiffy reproduction of any CTI cover on glossy paper. I wouldn't try it now though. )
Mike Gibbs & Gary Burton - "In The Public Interest" (This was my find for the day. Never heard it before. Really dreamy, groovy stuff. Mike Brecker, Steve Swallow, a zillion others. Cinematic and minimal. Actually, I'm lying cuz I haven't listened to the second side yet. Maybe that side is crazy and busy as a bee. I dig it. Probably to spacey for the trad cats and too staid for the martian jazz lovers. I find that I'm often loving stuff that is in between those two poles.)
Michael Franks - Passion Fruit (The only people I know who love Michael Franks are me, my dad, and some hardcore hip-hop headz I have known. I think you have to be really, really cool to be down with M.K. You have to really know who you are. His sultry whisper can do things to you. Passion Fruit is an 80's hoot. A nod to video games, Miami Vice cover that he has got to wince at now, and more songs about sex, love, doing it, and the ladies. And food. And tea. Man, he rocks so hard. I'm gonna singlehandedly turn him into the next hipster totem. Watch this space. I've got a lot to say about the man.)
Tim Rock - Backseats, Bedrooms & Bars (Mellow local hippy rock from Seattle circa 1970-something. Self-released probably. I didn't really think I had some rarepsychmonster on my hands, but I can't resist those loveable beardos and their endless highway anthems.)
Gary Cronce & The Oat Bros. - Poison Oat (Same with this one. This beaming beardo with the massive glasses and corduroy suit even makes the cover. He's cute. Like a hobbit. He could be Tim Rock's older brother. Gary is also from Seattle. His label is Broken Oat. Tim's is Starbuck (!) Hmmm, could Tim be one of the coffee barons? I will investigate. It's a toss-up as to which one is oatier. They both could have used a shot of espresso.)


Blogger Maria D. said...

I like Michael Franks, too. But I guess I don't yet looove him. Try me some time when I'm on drugs.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Danielle LaFleur said...

LOL - How odd, Gary Cronce is my dad! I had no idea that record was anywhere but the attic.

- Danielle (Cronce) LaFleur

5:48 PM  

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