Saturday, May 26, 2012

John Doe Jr. Used Records & Books FAQ

Welcome to JDJR! Here are some helpful answers to some questions we get asked a lot here at the store. "What is this place?" John Doe Jr. is a used record store. We sell previously owned records to people who love records. We also sell used books. “People still buy records?” Yes, they do. We sell records every day. “People still listen to records?” Yes, they do. People listen to records every day all over the world. “They don’t still make records, do they?” Yes, they do. Millions of records are made and bought every year. Records have been made every year continuously for over a hundred years. “Why do people still buy records?” There are many reasons. Some people buy records because they like the way they sound. Some people buy records because they are a bargain for music lovers. Some people have been collecting records for decades and see no reason to stop. People can be fanatical about records, much as stamp collectors or baseball card collectors or comic book collectors can be fanatical about their collections. Many rabid music fans appreciate the fact that the vast percentage of our store stock could never be found on CD in the real world. In order to find most of what we sell, you would have to hit the internet, and even then many of the records in our store can be very hard to find on CD or are out of print or were never reissued on compact disc. Also, records are fun! “So, how are you doing here…” “We’re doing fine, thanks! “Do you have any Ray Lamontagne?” We’re sorry, we don’t have any Ray Lamontagne. “Do you have any Sun Ra records?” We might. Look under S in the jazz section. “Are all these records yours?” Technically, yes. Until we sell them. Then they are yours. “Do you buy old records?” We do! “Are you John?” No, I’m Scott. My brother Dan has a store in Hudson, New York called John Doe Records. Since I am the younger brother, I decided to call my store John Doe Jr. in his honor. I can’t remember why he called his store John Doe though… "Is it true that records are coming back?" Yes, it is true! "Who buys records?" Very very smart people.


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