Sunday, October 09, 2011

what i've been playing and buying

i went record shopping on my birthday and then the day after. and i picked some stuff up today too. i'm not listing the big stack of records that i'm bringing to the store to sell. some of which was stuff i bought thinking i might like them, but they just didn't float my boat for some reason. other records destined for the store are things i already have or pricier things that i picked from the dustbins. i haven't been out and about for some time, and its nice to know that i can still dig up a storm. some stuff listed here i'm keeping because i genuinely like/love them and other records will stay home with me because i can't honestly believe that anyone else would give them a home. there are a lot of records out there. just in case you were wondering about that. i didn't pay much for anything i bought anywhere. one twenty dollar u.k. jazz record. the other stuff was mostly much lower in price. i'm a bargain hunter. i'll put stars next to the stuff that i really like. some things i haven't given enough time to yet. obviously.

Ron Nagle – Bad Rice (Warner Brothers – 1970) (“marijuana hell”, jack nitzsche, sal valentino.)

Terry Sylvester – S/T (CBS – 1974) (“the trees the flowers and the shame”, Hollies singer goes for the gold.)

Karen Kamon – Heart Of You (Columbia – 1984) (phil ramone, the allesi brothers, steve gadd, peter frampton, love & special thanks for all the support to liza minnelli and billy joel.)

Duncan Browne – The Wild Places (Sire – 1978) (i'm a duncan fan. never heard this one. i really like it. “camino real (parts 1,2,&3)”, “I’m not your 20th century man o no I was dancing in the dark before the world began…”) ****

Paul Brady – Hard Station (Polygram – 1981)

The Allen Harris Band – Oceans Between Us (Columbia – 1978) (“and if this fast movin’ didn’t hurt me so I think I could stand to live in this goddamn tv show I’m on the borderline…”)

Don Ellis – Soaring (BASF – 1973) (“whiplash”, “the devil made me write this piece”.)

Dillard & Clark – The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark (A&M) (white label promo. ya gotta have a white label promo, right?) ****

Tucky Buzzard – Allright On The Night (Passport – 1973) ****

Wiggy Bits – S/T (Polydor – 1976) (Peppy Castro!) ****

Ferrara – Wuthering Heights (Midsong International – 1979) (“shake it baby love”, emily bronte.)

The Tazmanian Devils – S/T (Warner Brothers – 1980) (never seen it. never heard it. looks promising anyway.)

Nytro – S/T (Whitfield – 1977) (“atomic funk”, note: Nytro – “different, refreshing, and powerful”.)

Colin Blunstone – Journey (Epic – 1974) (this is a sweet record. very pretty and also odd at times.) ****

Casey Kelly – S/T (Elektra – 1972) (I’m a fan.) ****

Underground Gold – V/A (Liberty ) (couldn’t resist this for five bucks. and its sealed. so maybe I’ll just wait for a special occasion. canned heat, traffic, albert collins, the spencer davis group, Johnny winter, jo-ann kelly.)

american flyer – spirit of a woman (united artists – 1977) (this kinda sucks and as far as amelia earhart tributes go, ian matthews’ plainsong band/album has it beat by a mile. and i’m no doug yule completist. I’m sure as hell no eric kaz completist. but who would buy it from me? So, I keep it.)

snopek – thinking out loud (mountain railroad – 1979) (I already own this, but sigmund is a hero of mine and this was sealed for a buck.) ****

manu dibango – soul makossa (atlantic – 1972) (nice copy! and I needed one.) ****

pacific gas and electric – get it on… (bright orange ) ( this isn’t the greatest copy in the world, but it sounds nice and it was cheap and this is the PG&E album to get if you dig good guitar action.) ****

Benny Mardones – Never Run Never Hide (Polydor – 1980) (“she’s so french”. I like this album a lot. love that there is a song about dick clark on here called “American Bandstand” and it ISN’T a barry manilow song. Benny wonders if dick is a spaceman. i even have a soft spot for the big hit power ballad “into the night”. )

mark spoelstra – this house (fantasy) ****

julian priester and marine intrusion – polarization (ecm – 1977) ****

tracey thorn – a distant shore (cherry red – 1982) (minty french pressing to replace my beat up copy.) ****

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bayou Country (liberty) (sweet early u.k. pressing. man, makes all the difference too. u.s. fantasy pressings are so flimsy. ccr got what they deserved courtesy of liberty/ua.) ****

Small Wonder – S/T (cbs – 1976)

SS Fools – S/T (cbs – 1976)

The Michael Garrick Sextet with Norma Winstone – The Heart Is A Lotus (argo – 1970) (wonderful spacey brit jazz record. took a chance cuz it was kinda pricey and I’d never heard it, and I’m really glad I did.) ****

Chimo! – S/T (epic)

Zon – Back Down To Earth (cbs – 1979)

Caldera – Sky Islands (capitol – 1977) (sealed for 3 bucks. always liked this record. and their other record. did they have more than two? probably. can’t remember.)

Killough & Eckley – S/T (epic – 1977) (worth it just for the track “absentee fathers”.)

Clive Sarstedt - s/t (rca – 1970) (“god save the queen” is the choice cut here.)

Aviator – S/T (emi – 1978) (“cleveland ohio”.)

Mark Spoelstra – Five & Twenty Questions (elektra) (richard farina liner notes and the sublime “my love is like a dewdrop”. Hell, the whole album is great.) ****

Dana Cooper – S/T (elektra – 1973) ****

John D. Loudermilk – volume 1 – elloree (warner brothers – 1971) (such a great album and I was really happy to get such a clean copy. the day after I bought it someone brought another copy into the store. ) ****

Will Danoff and Taffy Nivert – Welcome To Fat City (Paramount – 1972) (this is right up my alley. plus, chris and susan sarandon on backing vocals!) ****

Tom Rapp – S/T (Warner Brothers – 1972) (sealed for three bucks. a definite upgrade from my copy.) ****

Lane Caudell – Midnight Hunter (mca – 1979)

Country Funk – S/T (Polydor – 1970) (I’m always trying to find the PERFECT copy of records I like. This one is getting closer, but I still think I can do better…) ****

Archie Bell & The Drells – Hard Not To Like It (philly international – 1977) ****

Atlee Yeager – Plant Me Now And Dig Me Later (chelsea – 1973) (this just might be my favorite record that I’ve bought all year. I bought it for a dollar based on the cover and after i heard it I almost felt like it was the only record I really needed to BUY all year. The lead-off track “wake up mama” is definitely my favorite song of the year.) ***********************

Shoes – Tongue Twister (Elektra – 1981) (nice promo copy. I’m a fan.) ****

Christmas – In Excelsior Dayglo (big time – 1986) ( I bought this on tape 25 years ago and I probably haven’t listened to it in 20 years. I still like it!)

Dave Clark Five – Session With The Dave Clark Five (Columbia) ( nice early u.k. mono copy for cheap. sounds great. kinda sad that more people don’t listen to the DC5, but what are you gonna do?) ****

Jimi Hendrix Experience – Smash Hits (Polydor) (super clean German pressing. So pretty. Sounds amazing. It’s kinda like hearing the songs for the first time. They leap out at you.) ****

Priscilla – Priscilla Sings Herself (York) (pristine mono copy. hard one to find too. I think this cost me six bucks? the phil spector liner notes are always a treat to read.) ****

Van Nuys Blvd. original soundtrack (mercury – 1979) (bought this sealed for 3 bucks and it sells for 40 bucks sealed online but I really kinda need to hear it…I’ve never actually seen the movie!)

Stomu Yamash’ta’s East Wind – Freedom Is Frightening (EMI – 1974) (I’ve bought Stomu albums over the years and I always end up selling them, but I REALLY like this one. Maybe it’s the inclusion of Hugh Hopper that makes the difference. It usually does make the difference.) ****

The Domenic Troiano Band – Burnin’ At The Stake (Capitol – 1977) (great stuff. I’m a fan, but I’d never heard this one. “the outer limits of my soul”.) ****

Jukka Tolonen – Impressions (Sonet – 1977) (Jukka’s tribute to “Jimi” is worth the price of admission.) ****

Honk – S/T (20th Century – 1973)

Patrick Godfrey – Ancient Ships (Apparition Records – 1979) (dig this. piano, harpsichord, harmonium, marimba, bells, and voice. not all at the same time though.) ****

Cross Country – S/T (Atco – 1973) ****

The Spencer Davis Group – Funky (Date) ****

Matthew Moore – The Sport Of Guessing (Caribou – 1979)

Dr Feelgood – As It Happens (liberty – 1979)

Gallagher & Lyle – Seeds (A&M – 1973)

Gallagher & Lyle – Breakaway (A&M – 1976)

Hampton Hawes/Paul Chambers – The East/West Controversy (xanadu) ****

Charlie Mariano – Reflections (Catalyst – 1977) (charlie mariano AND jukka tolonen! What’s not to like?) ****

American Standard Band – S/T (Island – 1979)

Marcio Montarroyo’s Stone Alliance – S/T (pm – 1977) (“on the foot peg”, “libra rising”.) ****

The Fleetwoods – The Fleetwoods Sing For Lovers By Night (dolton) (big fan. didn’t have this one. you need to find clean fleetwoods records. Or don’t even bother. cuz they sound so heavenly.) ****

Bandit – S/T (arista – 1976)

Bixology (Joker) (14 LP Bix set! Wooooo, that’s a lot of Bix. But I like my Bix uncut.) ****


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